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Teach Today, Shape Tomorrow

Let’s rewrite the narrative of education in Nigeria, starting with one child, one classroom at a time.

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Let's End Educational Inequity

Teach For Nigeria is developing a movement of leaders who will expand educational opportunity to all children in Nigeria

The Education Crisis

The broken education and poor social system make it difficult for children in Nigeria to receive an excellent education.

In Nigeria, where half the population is under 19, 56% of school students lack basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Most students don’t have the social-emotional skills needed to navigate life and access job opportunities.

Teachers in schools don’t have the support they need to drive academic and non-academic excellence.

Poor learning outcomes contribute to poverty and slow the overall development of a country.

Our Vision

One day, every Nigerian child will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Our Theory of Change

Meaningful change happens when we cultivate a collective force of leaders. Driven by the vision of an equitable Nigeria that helps every citizen to realize their full potential, our leaders choose education as the path to get there.

20,000 Leaders

Over the next decade, we aim to build a movement of 20,000 leaders. They’ll work closely with local communities to transform the lives of 1,000,000 children a year throughout Nigeria.

We Recruit and Develop Exceptional Leaders

In our pursuit of outstanding leaders, we thoughtfully select dedicated individuals for our two-year Fellowship. Once accepted, these passionate Fellows are strategically placed in low-income or government schools, where they embark on a transformative journey, channelling their dedication to creating lasting positive change in the lives of their students.

Through immersive experiences and unwavering efforts, our Fellows become catalysts for progress, enriching the educational landscape and fostering meaningful connections in the communities they serve. Together, we are not just shaping leaders; we are sculpting a future where education is a beacon of empowerment, reaching every corner of society.

We Nurture a Movement of Life-Long Leaders

After the fellowship, all of our fellows have lifelong access to our alumni movement. This close-knit, supportive community empowers people to learn and act together in pursuit of educational equity.

After the Fellowship, our Fellows have lifelong access to our Alumni movement. This close-knit, supportive community learns and acts together for educational equity.

Our Impact

Our students, fellows and alumni have a huge impact.

Join the TFN Fellowship

Teach Today,

Shape Tomorrow:

Your Leadership Matters Now!

Embark on a transformative journey with Teach For Nigeria, where teaching becomes the cornerstone of shaping tomorrow and your leadership is the key to moulding the future of our nation. One child, one classroom at a time.

The Teach for Nigeria fellowship program is a two-year, full-time, paid commitment that’s designed to build a movement of leaders who’ll work towards eliminating educational inequity in Nigeria.

Find your purpose

Develop an awareness of how poverty and inequity impacts children in Nigeria; and your role in it.

Become a leader

Build concrete leadership skills such as stakeholder management, planning, envisioning, execution and reflection in challenging environments

Join our movement

Become part of a movement of 1000+ Fellows across Nigeria and countless more globally and find lifelong partners in this work.

Drive change

Don't just talk about the Nigeria you envision. Build a Nigeria free of poverty and filled with peace and security


While Teach for Nigeria’s core program is the two-year fellowship, we also run a number of other programs.

Pre-Service Training Institute

Our pre-service training Institute is a six-week intensive hybrid training that prepares prospective fellows for their two-year leadership journey. The training focuses on 21st-century teaching pedagogy, leadership, and entrepreneurship, equipping fellows with the tools they need to succeed in their placement schools and communities.

Incubation Hub Program

Our Incubation Hub is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs looking to build and scale impactful education organisations. The program exposes participants to bespoke business and entrepreneurship training and provides cash grants to outstanding initiatives annually.

School Leadership Development Program

Our school leadership development initiative is an eight-month leadership and management training program for school leaders and education officers. This program equips participants with the necessary skills and mindset to champion the cause of educational equity in Nigeria.


TFNx aims to scale Teach for Nigeria’s impact through a network model that supports entrepreneurs across Nigeria who aspire to launch their own contextualised versions of Teach for Nigeria’s fellowship to serve more children in their community. It hinges on our 10-year vision to develop a movement of 10,000 leaders who will impact one million children annually.

Radio School Program

The radio school program is a complementary, foundational learning platform for pre-primary and primary students, designed to provide quality educational, interactive and fun content via radio.

Alumni Movement

We build an alumni movement to accelerate collective impact. Our alumni build on their classroom teaching experience to drive long-term systemic changes within the education sector and beyond. So far, we have developed a movement of 835 alumni members.

Continuous Professional Development For Teachers

We support government and private organizations to help public school teachers develop their leadership skills and pedagogical expertise. Our training includes digital skills, classroom management, vision and planning.

Stakeholders Engagement

We prioritise visiting classrooms and communities to listen to feedback from our stakeholders – students, parents, community leaders, and government officials- who provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our programs. Through these engagements, we communicate expectations with our stakeholders and make any necessary changes to our programs.

Our Partners

What Our Fellows Our Teachers Our Communities are Saying

Our efforts to reduce educational inequity are driving transformation in the lives of our fellows and students, improving schools and communities.