Program Director

Program Director

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lagos

About the position 

The Program Director’s overall responsibility is to meet ambitious annual program goals (i.e., size and diversity of the Fellows, effectiveness of Fellows in leading students to measurable gains in academic achievement, alumni leadership as a force for change, and alumni engagement) while laying the foundation for long-term success through assembling and developing a strong team, serving as a resource to them, and collaborating effectively across the organization.  

The Program Director provides technical oversight to all programmatic teams. As part of the senior leadership team, the Program Director also plays an active role in planning, designing, implementation, supervision, expansion/development and administration of the overall Teach For Nigeria program.  

Key Accountabilities 

  • Facilitating the cross-team collaboration of the program teams, including ensuring alignment across teams, optimizing strategies and resource allocation across teams, and sharing best practices.  
  • Serving as the staff liaison to the program committee of the board of directors, and representing the work of the program teams to the full board, and to other external stakeholders as appropriate.  
  • Reinforcing a national culture of goal orientation, accountability, data-driven decision making, and optimism about the potential for improvement across all national and regional program staff.  
  • Collaborating and building strong relationships with the rest of the organization, ensuring the collaboration of each program team with other teams.  
  • Enable Teach For Nigeria’s Programmatic teams to achieve their vision and goals, which includes steering: 
  • The Recruitment team to attract and mobilize high-quality applications to the Teach For Nigeria Fellowship in order to meet the organization’s Fellow growth targets and also to build the necessary systems and processes to ensure that the most committed candidates make it through to the 2-year Fellowship.  
  • The Training and Leadership team to facilitate a high-quality training experience for Fellows through the 2 years and to continuously monitor and provide feedback on the impact our Fellows have in their classrooms.  
  • The Alumni Development team to design and implement strategies to engage our Alumni and catalyze a broader movement for education reform across the country. 
  • The Monitoring & Evaluation team to develop an evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the program and to identify areas for improvement.  
  • Establish the 5 Programmatic teams as Centers of Excellence which can advise our Operations teams on their strategies to improve and sustain our short-term (classroom and Fellow leadership) and long term (Alumni) impact.  
  • Supervise the Head of Government & Stakeholder Relations in securing schools for Fellows to be placed and develop strong allies to work with successfully.  
  • Supervise the M&E team in ensuring that program activities operate within the policies and procedures of the organization.  
  • Ensure that program activities comply with all relevant legislation and professional standards.  
  • Develop systems and processes to document program activities.  
  • Oversee the collection and maintenance of records on the program for statistical purposes according to the confidentiality/privacy policy of the organization.  
  • Provide technical support to the functional heads of our Recruitment, Selection, Training, M&E and Alumni Development team and develop their individual and collective capabilities to lead their teams to successful outcomes.  
  • Work with the Senior Leadership Team to help create organization-wide strategies around growth, scale, sustainability, impact and long-term areas of focus.  
  • Supervise the Development & Partnerships team to ensure that they Provide reports on the program for management and donors, and ensure financial reports and supporting documentation for funders are prepared as outlined in funding agreements.  
  • Working closely with the CEO, Finance Director and COO to ensure donor compliance in implementation of projects.  
  • Oversee the collection and timely reporting of all Program according to internal and donor requirements, ensuring strict compliance with donor contract requirements/reporting deadlines.  
  • Identify and evaluate the risks associated with program activities and take appropriate action to control the risks.  
  • Monitor placement states in collaboration with regional teams, performing field assessments when necessary, and advise the CEO of response options.  
  • Report evaluation findings to the CEO and recommend changes to enhance the program, as appropriate.  
  • Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of the organization’s Code of Conduct, values and stand-point with regard to internal and external actors.  

Qualifications and Experience 

  • 5-10 years of relevant work experience.  
  • Graduate/post graduate.  
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in design, management and evaluation of education projects.  
  • Previous experience in development context as a Program Director.  
  • Must have an understanding of the development sectors and a demonstrated understanding of the Teach For Nigeria model.     
  • Strong experience with the project management cycle.   
  • Excellent
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently following consultative processes.  
  • Highly reliable, able to consistently meet tight deadlines.  
  • Track record of managing a large team and a growing program.  
  • Must be willing to travel frequently across our areas of operation 

Skills, Attributes, and Knowledge 

  • Deep knowledge of the country and its educational system  
  • Knowledge and experience working in communities  
  • Orientation toward systemic change  
  • Ability to set vision and direction in the face of ambiguity, and offer clear goals for staff 
  • Comfortable with ambiguity  
  • Experienced leadership and management, able to manage through layers and across complexity   
  • Ability to manage staff in areas where s/he is not an expert  
  • Ability to utilize data, prioritize, and synthesize large amounts of information   
  • Experienced relationship builder with staff and stakeholders (up, down and across) with senior leaders, external partners, lateral colleagues, and skip-level staff   
  • Strong communication skills  
  • Strategic thinker with interest in setting organizational direction 

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